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Ep 43 - Daryl Shute : A passion for storytelling


Daryl Shute is a filmmaker working predominantly in animation. He is an associate producer with Magic Light Pictures which made award winning film The Gruffalo and have just released their latest film, Stick Man. Daryl give a great insight into the nuts and bolts of animation and film making.

Here is what we talk about:

  • Journey into animation,
  • Groundbreaking style of The Gruffalo,
  • Artistic expression in animation
  • Where the wild things are,
  • Developments in animation,
  • Virtual and augmented reality,
  • Top 5 animation films,
  • Wild Target,
  • Live action filmmaking,
  • Acting,
  • The role of a producer,
  • Under Milkwood,
  • Top 5 movies,
  • Star Wars,

To find out more about Daryl and his work

Other animation referred to in the episode.


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