Ep 42 – Ashley Longshore : Christmas Special

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Ep 42 – Ashley Longshore : Christmas Special

Crazy, savvy, and irreverent, Ashley Longshore is a positive force of nature. She is  an American artist who refuses to sell in galleries and instead sells directly to her high profile collectors straight from her Instagram account. Her prices start at around $30,000.  She has made herself a millionaire through this approach. In this special episode she goes into the nitty gritty of how she has built her art business.

Here is what we talk about in this part:

  • Success and hard work,
  • Career turning point,
  • Helping collectors feel validated,
  • Using the press to help you,
  • Using publicists,
  • Instagram,
  • The importance of location,
  • Being able to see paintings in person,
  • Pop up art shows,
  • Advice for artists that produce, “difficult,” work,
  • American Consumerism,
  • The difference between art collectors and art buyers,
  • Most moving work created,
  • Christmas wish,

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