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Ep 100 - Future Generations

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With the 100th episode, I wanted to highlight some of the best moments from the podcast so far. The one constant in all the podcasts is the question I ask at the end, “If there was one thing you could pass onto future generations what would it be?”

Listening back to all the answers to this question I was delighted to discover that in the answers there was a discussion taking place.

When I’m talking to an artist in one of the regular episodes my aim is for you to feel like you’re overhearing a really interesting conversation, like you might overhear in a coffee shop or a pub.

For this episode it’s like that and more. . .

Consider yourself invited to a party and all the artists who’ve been on the podcast are here. Follow me around the room as we listen in to the artists as they discuss their answers . . .

Thanks for listening!

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