Being a Millennial has nothing to do with age. It is a state of mind. Read on, you may discover you’ve been a Millennial your whole life.

I’m 54. I have a grey beard and long grey hair. Old friends like to call me Gandalf for a laugh. Depending on your own age I’m either ancient or young enough to still be able to enjoy myself before the wheels start falling off. I’m certainly not what comes to mind when you think of a Millennial.

The world I grew up in was by and large the opposite of the way I felt on the inside so I tucked my inner nature away and got on with doing the best I could in what felt like a mad world. The things Millennials are concerned about are very familiar to me. Maybe to you too. Here is a little test I came up with so you can check.

The Millennial Test

  • Do you think compassion is more important than profit?
  • Do you find it hard to believe we are still killing each other in wars?
  • Do you think people should marry whomever they want?
  • Do you think love is the answer?
  • Do you think people are fundamentally good?
  • Do you think everyone should be treated with respect, human and nonhuman alike?
  • Do you think guns are scary?
  • Do you think nature is a beautiful gift?
  • Do you have faith in people?
  • Are you full facing into the future with pleasant anticipation?
  • Are you okay with younger people not having to pay the price you did?
  • Do you know that age does not equal wisdom?
  • Do you know that younger does not mean better?
  • Do you think tradition has cultural value but is not always the best way to do things?
  • Are you honest enough about the past to acknowledge that it wasn’t that great?
  • Do you recognize that nostalgia is for the age you were, not the age you lived in?
  • Are you continually surprised by commonplace discrimination against women?
  • Are you amazed that racism is still a thing?
  • Do you think things are getting better?

These are just some of the things Millennials are concerned about. If they resonate with you then you are a Millennial too. I’m using the label Millennial but I could use Gen Z or Gen Alpha. The labels change but the values are timeless.

Walt Disney, Nikola Tesla, Jeremy Rifkin, John Lennon, Elon Musk, Jacque Fresco, Buckminster Fuller, Jules Verne, Jesus, Buddha, and Lao Tzu are all Millennials as far as I can see because being a Millennial is not about the date of your birth it’s about recognizing what you are beyond labels and claiming it.

Don’t let a label separate you from the younger generations. You will be separating yourself from the wonderful evolution in consciousness that is happening right now.