Ep 204 - Bumper Catch Up

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A friendly catch up with lots of resources and drop in guests including Natalia Fabia, Dina Brodsky, James Geralds and Marco Bucci.

Referenced in this Episode
Domestic Bliss by John Dalton

Domestic Bliss by John Dalton


"Reference," image for Domestic Bliss

“Reference,” image for Domestic Bliss


Further Emergence

Art and BS podcast with James Gerald

Artsistory Podcast

Kristy Gordon YouTube Channel

Blue Review Art Prize

Sugarlift Gallery

Bold Brush Studio

Art Grind Podcast

Birds for Sofia

Natalia Fabia and Kate Zambrano workshop

Hollis Dunlap workshop at Natalia Fabia’s studio

Natalia Fabia’s Noh Wave Academy “Vibrant Oil Portraiture” course

The Guide Artists Interview with me

The Guide Artists

The Guide Artists giveaway – “If you choose the Collector Plus or Collector Masters plan we will give you a discount of €60.”

Marco Bucci’s audiobook – Creativity and the Campfire.

Marco Bucci’s website including his teaching


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