I took this image while walking with my wife early one morning in St Anne’s park in Clontarf. We were in the football pitches section of the park which is normally full of noisy players and even noisier parents spectating but in the early morning it was all quiet and serene in the sunshine. The tape on the goalposts is from the many temporary nets attached over time.

The canvas is 8.5″ X 8.5″ x 1.5″ inches, or 22cm x 22cm x 3.5cm
Larger versions can be printed, contact me for costs.


I am based in Ireland so all costs are listed in Euro.  You can use the currency converter at the bottom of the page to help you convert the costs to your own currency.

Framing Cost

Printing on meausem grade art canvas and protection with professional oaring varnish – €11 Euro

Shipping Cost

Shipping from Ireland will vary depending on where you are in the world. To give you a rough idea, shipping within Ireland is approx€7 Euro, shipping to the USA is approx. €25 Euro and shipping to Australia is approx. €45 Euro.  You can check what the shipping to your country will be here
(Weight: 400gms – 1kkg, Length: 23 cms, Width: 23cms, Height: 5cms.)

* As an aside, I think the cost of shipping is high, both financially and environmentally, so if you are a framer or know one who can produce canvases to the same standard as my framer here in Ireland, but in your own country, please get in touch and we can see about getting the framing done in your country, for your country.


The €11 Euro plus the shipping cost to your country is the minimum you need to pay.  So if you live in Ireland the minimum you need to pay is €18 Euro (€11 framing + €7 shipping).  If you live in America the minimum you need to pay is €36 Euro (€11 framing +€25 shipping) and so on.

What you send me on top of the framing and shipping cost is up to you.  As Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics puts it, “How am I to know what the value will be to you? Better let you decide.”  

I am making you a gift of my art work.  If you choose to send me a gift beyond the framing and shipping cost that would be lovely.  Simply send me what you feel the artworks are worth to you and I will send them to you.  No Catch!

Important.  When you click the ‘Buy Now” button below you will go through to Paypal. Enter the amount you want to send then click, “Update,” then continue on.
Also, make sure to include a phone number in your shipping address as the courier won’t make delivery without it.
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I also accept bitcoin payments.
You can send your bitcoin payment to this address.


You can check the exchange rate here.