The Gentle Snap

“Imagine you were participating in the most immersive virtual reality game ever and you forgot it wasn’t real. That’s kind of what’s happened to you. This book is like a trace program you put in place, to find you, and help you remember what’s really going on. It’s like a post-it note on the refrigerator of your life. Here to remind you about what’s real and what isn’t.”

Maya Noise

Maya Noise is about the mystical dimension of my life.  In 1996, at the age of thirty-three, I became enlightened. If you’re interested in getting enlightened, that will be a big deal.  If not, it won’t mean much; about as interesting as telling you I’d won Wimbledon, if you had no interest in tennis.

I could have gone the Guru route, changed my name to something more exotic sounding, started, “teaching,” and developed a worldwide following.  I chose a different route, instead of pontificating about life I got on with living it. This book is my account of living an ordinary life with extraordinary knowledge.

It deals with what happens after enlightenment. It’s written in wine and tears and sunlight. It reads like spiritual pulp fiction and includes a lot of swearing and sexually explicit content. But don’t just read it for that.

Why Do We Get Sick? Why Do We Get Better? by John Dalton

Why Do We Get Sick? Why Do We Get Better?

This book is the culmination of my experience as a craniosacral therapist.  It is written for people who are sick or unhappy and encourages the idea that no matter what you’re told, what you’ve got, or how bad it gets, never have to feel helpless about your health again. This book presents a workable model for how the different parts of you, physical, emotional and the deeper parts, interact with each other and how, when they are out of sync, cause symptoms.

A model that will work for you for everything from the smallest pain to terminal illness.

But then again . . .

But then again . . . was written four years before I became enlightened in 1996. It is a rare insight into the build up to enlightenment and the fear and confusion that accompanies it.

Part journal, part discourse But then again . . . is imbued with my unique perspective and sense of humour.