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Ep 51 - Richard Baker: Celebrating sunlight, shadow and color


Richard Baker is a Californian artist. His paintings are representational yet minimal. His subject matter has been described as fresh and uplifting and I think that’s a pretty good description.

Like myself, Richard comes to his art practice on the back of a long and successful other career.
In Richard’s case it is being a producer for film and TV and he is also talent manager. He currently manages the comedian Tim Allen, and he’s produced films like, The Santa Clause trilogy, and long running TV series like, The Drew Carey show, and Last man standing.

Here is what we talk about:

  • Creative heroes,
  • Edward Hopper,
  • Minimal Realism,
  • Working method,
  • Art that needs no explanation,
  • The solitary nature of painting,
  • Being the center of attention,
  • Imposter syndrome,
  • Most moving picture to make,
  • Art business,
  • Biggest challenge as an artist,
  • Tips from an art collector,
  • Future work,

To find out more about Richard and his work


Derek’s View – Richard Baker



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