Ep 92 – Open Call : Visions of Venus – Venus’ Visions

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Ep 92 – Open Call : Visions of Venus – Venus’ Visions

This is a slightly different episode. It is an open call for artists and writers to submit new work for an exhibition to be held in Chicago next year. That’s 2018 and that could be you!

The show is being organised by Poets and Artists Magazine.
If you’ve never heard of Poets and Artists before it is much more than a magazine. This is from their website.

“Poets and Artists is the platform igniting a diverse community of artists, galleries, art collectors, poets, editors, publishers, writers and other art affiliated members. We publish from 8 to 12 issues a year, that’s the magazine, focusing on Contemporary Figurative Realism, Portraiture, and Poetry with occasional guest curators offering us their visionary exhibition.”

Didi Menendez is the founder of Poets and Artists and she is a real champion of artists. She has been helping and supporting artists for years so when she suggested that we collaborate on something I didn’t hesitate for a second.

This is part one of that collaboration. The exhibition is called, “Visions of Venus / Venus’ Visions.” Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt is the curator for the exhibition and it is her that I am chatting with in Chicago. Listen to the podcast to find out what she is looking for.

Submission details . . .


Cover image courtesy of Margaret Bowland

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4 responses to “Ep 92 – Open Call : Visions of Venus – Venus’ Visions”

  1. Role of poets in the project not mentioned.

  2. They will be in the publication if their work is accepted. Sometimes we print a selection of the poems and show them as well.

  3. Nice interview John, thank you!

    1. You’re welcome Yvonne, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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