Ep 91 – Maria Kreyn : Allowing Life To Have You

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Ep 91 – Maria Kreyn : Allowing Life To Have You

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I had a lively conversation with artist Maria Kreyn in New York. Maria paints soulful paintings in the style of the old masters, of modern people in timeless moments. She exhibits internationally, and her work is in collections throughout the United States and Europe.

We talk about the Salton Sea, lifting weights, detail mongering, the forest, and of course art, lots of art and painting . . .

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

  • Bombay Beach Biennale,
  • A typical day,
  • Origins of a painting,
  • Recording ideas,
  • Working with models,
  • Non-traditional substrates,
  • Sculpture,
  • 3D modeling and printing,
  • Painting technique,
  • Painting fast and loose,
  • Skin tones,
  • Palette,
  • Mediums,
  • Colour studies and grisailles,
  • Salvador Dali,
  • Odd Nerdrum,
  • Plexiglass,
  • Dreams,
  • Stained glass,
  • Ancestral influences,
  • Underlying themes,
  • Love,
  • TV feature,
  • Installation art,
  • Burning man,
  • Most moving paintings to make,
  • Old masters,
  • Cinema,
  • Storytelling,

To find out more about Maria and her work

Most moving painting to make . . .

Two Witches Casting Shadow by Maria Kreyn

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