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Ep 80 - Dave Lebow: Classical Retro

I had a great chat with artist Dave Lebow in California. Dave paints retro pulp subject matter in a classical style. Aliens, robots, vampires, winged eyeballs and pinup girls. He has had a long association with the entertainment industry and his work is collected by celebrities like Mel Brooks, Jason Segel and Jack Black. He has had numerous solo and group shows in his 40+ year painting career.

We talk about the The Ramones, Amish people, Carl Jung, Chinese medicine, and of course art, lots of art and painting . . .

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

  • Animation,
  • Creative crisis,
  • Stream of consciousness,
  • Norman Rockwell method,
  • Maquettes,
  • 3D modeling,
  • Colour studies,
  • Colour palette,
  • Favorite brushes,
  • Knowing yourself,
  • Insomnia,
  • Meditation,
  • Creative flow,
  • Artistic challenges,
  • Legacy,
  • The subconscious,

To find out more about Dave and his work

Referenced in the podcast . . .

Dave’s animated movie “Night Sweats.”

James Gurney

Wim Hoff

Dave’s Cadmium alternates
– Windsor orange
– Scarlet lake

Dave’s favorite canvas
– Fredrix style 190 DP

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