Ep 74 – Katie O’Hagan : Getting On With Grit

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Ep 74 – Katie O’Hagan : Getting On With Grit

It was a riot chatting with Scottish American artist Katie O’Hagan in Upstate New York. Katie paints compelling figurative paintings that are technically brilliant and deeply personal – full of symbols and mystery. Her work is shown in galleries and museums across America and the rest of the world. She has received many awards from organisations like the Salmagundi Club, Oil Painters of America, and The Portrait Society of America to name a few.

We talked about sheep, deer, shop towels, moose, health insurance, concrete, and lots of art and painting . . .

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

  • Living in America,
  • Referencing other artists,
  • Background details,
  • Photo reference,
  • Death by Moose,
  • Dreams,
  • Beginning a painting,
  • Zorn palette,
  • Refining skills,
  • Being self-taught,
  • Imposter syndrome,
  • Skill and art,
  • Milestones,
  • Self-discovery,
  • The Wrong Butter,
  • Endurance running,
  • Music,
  • Competitions,
  • Grit,

To find out more about Katie and her work

Katie’s Instagram feed (for when she starts to use it)

Moving painting to make . . .

Figment – Katie O’Hagan

Referenced in the podcast . . .

The Barkley Marathons

Katie’s interview with the Artists Network. At the end of the article Katie gives a blow by blow of her process including progress shots.
Click here for the article

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2 responses to “Ep 74 – Katie O’Hagan : Getting On With Grit”

  1. I remember seeing FIGMENT in Charleston’s Principle gallery and being completely drawn to it! Really great podcast and excellent advice.

    1. Thanks Rachel, I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast.

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