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Ep 64 - Jennifer Gennari : The Importance Of Staying Excited

I had a great conversation with figurative artist Jennifer Gennari in Brooklyn. Jennifer’s work is beautiful, powerful, technically brilliant, full of symbolism, and kind of throbs with vitality, for me at least. We talked about her time at Hallmark cards, her classical training in Florence, her love of video games, Jeff Koon’s ninja stealth skills and a lot more . . .

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

  • Working at Hallmark,
  • Creative heroes,
  • Video games,
  • Virtual reality,
  • Creative process,
  • Favorite materials,
  • Florence academy of art training,
  • Jeff Koons,
  • If old masters were working today,
  • Marrying classical training and illustration,
  • Teaching,
  • Writing book,
  • Instructional videos,
  • Artistic challenges,

To find out more about Jennifer and her work

For Jennifer’s book click here

For Jennifer’s craftsy course click here


Most moving painting to make . . .

Sphinx cat

Sphinx cats by Jennifer Gennari

Videos mentioned in the podcast . . .

Harlock Space Pirate

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