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Ep 62 - Lucy Hardie and the power of intense moments.

I had a great conversation with Australian artist Lucy Hardie.  Lucy specialises in highly detailed pen and ink drawings. Her pictures are sensual, mysterious, evocative and made with a very high level of skill. Her work has appeared in numerous solo and group shows and her work is collected around the world. She talked about the philosophy behind her are, the importance of the viewer, and the evolution of consciousness.

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

  • Collaborations,
  • Abbotsford convent,
  • Returning to painting,
  • Creative heroes,
  • Creative process,
  • Teaching,
  • Gothic art,
  • Integral philosophy,
  • Symbols,
  • Work as meditation,
  • Balancing other worldly work,
  • The purpose of sharing work,
  • Social media,
  • Selling prints,
  • Most moving picture to make,
  • Artistic challenges,

To find out more about Lucy and her work

For Lucy’s instagram account

Most moving painting to make . . .

Mary by Lucie Hardie

Mary by Lucie Hardie

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