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John Dalton - gently does it . . .
Ep 61- Daniel Maidman : Honesty And Hope

I had a great conversation with artist and writer Daniel Maidman in New York. Daniel’s art practice consists of striking representational paintings, mostly of figures – and drawings – lots of drawings.  His writings on art have been featured in ARTnews, American Art Collector, and International Artist, among others, and he writes a regular column on art for The Huffington Post.

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

  • Artistic heroes,
  • Drawing,
  • Jerry Saltz,
  • Creative process,
  • Working with models,
  • Adam Miller,
  • Beauty,
  • Odd Nerdrum,
  • Painting and writing crossovers,
  • Art critic,
  • Film making and screenwriting,
  • New work,
  • Time management,
  • Art business,
  • Most moving painting to make,
  • Artistic challenges,

To find out more about Daniel and his work

For Daniel’s instagram account

Most moving painting to make . . .

Blue Leah by Daniel-Maidman

Blue Leah by Daniel-Maidman

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