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Ep 55 - Colin Davidson : Living In The Question

In this episode I’m chatting with Colin Davidson in Belfast, Ireland. Colin is known for his portraits, particularly of celebrities like Liam Neeson, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Ed Sheeran, and Brad Pitt. He was recently asked by Time magazine to paint a portrait of Chancellor Angela Merkel for the cover of their person of the year edition.

Throughout our conversation his passion for capturing the human being under the skin is evident. He talks about his latest solo exhibition called, Silent testimony, which is comprised of 18 portraits of people who lost someone during the 30 year conflict in Northern Ireland.
All that and the usual nitty gritty of his painting practice and how he navigates being a professional artist.

Here is what we talk about:

  • Recent exhibitions,
  • Creative heroes,
  • Artistic awakening,
  • Art training,
  • 10 years in design,
  • Going pro,
  • Creative process,
  • The value of the unguarded moment,
  • Being star struck,
  • Evolution of Silent Testimony show,
  • Labors of love,
  • Commissions,
  • Painting the cover of Time magazine,
  • Handling business opportunities,
  • Unveilings,
  • Most moving painting to make,
  • Artistic challenge,

To find out more about Colin and his work

Colin’s Instagram



Paul Reilly by Colin Davidson part of the Silent Testimony show


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