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Ep 53 - David Cheifetz : The Art of Now

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David Cheifetz is an exceptional representational artist. Based in Seattle he paints people and cityscapes, and still lifes. Lots of still lifes. During the course of our conversation he gives some great tips and insights about his process, working with intent and the excitement of still life painting.

I know!
I’m converted.

Here is what we talk about:

  • Recent exhibitions,
  • Teaching art,
  • Creative heroes,
  • The purpose of art,
  • Artistic process,
  • The power of Now,
  • Tips for being a professional artist,
  • The art business,
  • Most moving picture to make,
  • Artistic challenges,
  • Working as a multi-passionate,

To find out more about David and his work

References in the episode.

The Salvador Dali book I mentioned is, called  “50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship.”

The artist I mentioned in our chat is Mel McCuddin. He “finds the image” within the abstract expressionist “underpainting” that he makes first.

Carlos Castaneda was the South American writer I mentioned.

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