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Ep 48 - Candice Bohannon & Julio Reyes : Dancing On The Precipice

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Candice Bohannon and Julio Reyes are award winning figurative artists. They are also married to each other. Candice’s paintings are intense, compelling, and pulsing with strength. Julio’s paintings have that double take quality that Edward Hopper talked about where you see something fleetingly and it conveys a lot. It’s like a still from a big expansive movie. Both Candice and Julio bring a level of integrity to their work that is very inspiring. We had a very long conversation.

Here is what we talk about:

  • Laguna beach,
  • Art school,
  • Fake reality,
  • Nurturing yourself as a young artist,
  • Julio’s soccer career,
  • Being married to an artist,
  • Creative heros,
  • The sublime unknown,
  • Tips for working with different materials,
  • Originality and authenticity,
  • Self esteem,
  • The life of the artist,
  • Art and love,
  • Art collectors,
  • Most moving paintings,

Candice and Julio’s TRAC talk transcript is here.

To find out more about Candice and her work

To find out more about Julio and his work


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