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Ep 47 - Michael Shane Neal : Painting the essence


Michael Shane Neal is one of the most sought after portrait artists in America. He has painted Supreme Court Justices, U.S. Senators,  State Governors, University Presidents, CEO’s, Business Tycoons, Hollywood actors and celebrities, and hundreds of private portraits for collections around the world. He is also a style icon and a self professed dandy.  He is a natural story teller and we had a long chat.

Here is what we talk about:

  • The attraction of portraiture,
  • The person is the story,
  • Creative heroes,
  • Meeting Woody Allen,
  • Making nature what you feel it should be,
  • Chasing Sargent,
  • The intimacy of portraiture,
  • Sculpture,
  • Personal style,
  • Best male grooming tip,
  • Meeting Tony Bennett,
  • Constant artistic evolution,
  • Enhancing the experience for sitters,
  • Advice for young aspiring artists interested in portraiture,
  • Living frugally,
  • Most moving picture to make,
  • Biggest challenge as an artist,

Shane’s tips on survival as an artist.

To find out more about Shane and his work


Dr Art Wheeler by Michael Shane Neal


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