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John Dalton - gently does it . . .
Ep 46 - Brad Kunkle : The Golden Touch

Brad Kunkle is a Brooklyn based artist who uses gold and silver leaf to paint figurative pictures that are both symbolic and surreal. Originally from rural Pennsylvania his appreciation for nature and the feminine principle are evident in his work. We had a great chat.

Here is what we talk about:

  • Creative heroes,
  • The significance of colour,
  • Using light,
  • Sticking with your intuition,
  • The spiritual and material worlds,
  • How much is lost in photographing paintings,
  • The allure of gold,
  • Artistic origins and backstory,
  • Advice for young aspiring artists,
  • Art business,
  • Future projects,
  • Losing Shadow,
  • Most moving picture to make,
  • Nature and humanity,
  • Biggest challenge as an artist,

To find out more about Brad and his work

Brad Kunkle Cocoon

Cocoon by Brad Kunkle

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