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Ep 40 - Gregory Mortenson - Part 1 : From Haiti To Gethsemane

Gregory Mortensen spent 12 years studying painting. It shows. His work has been on the cover of American art Collector magazine a couple of times. He has been in numerous group and solo shows. He has just finished his latest one man show at the Arcadia gallery in New York called – Zion’s Children – which is of children in an orphanage in Haiti that he has been involved with since 2010.

Here is what we talk about:

  • Working in an orphanage in Haiti,
  • Painting the children from the orphanage,
  • Teaching art to the children of the orphanage,
  • 12 years of art training,
  • The story of the painting, “Gethsemane.”
  • Excavating the machinery of sight

To find out more about Gregory and his work

Gethsemane by Gregory Mortenson

Gethsemane by Gregory Mortenson

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