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Ep 38 - Steven Mannion : The art of happiness


Steven Mannion is an Irish artist and one of the happiest people I know. His work is collected internationally by Hollywood A-listers and musicians.  He is also the favorite artist of the current Irish minister of the arts. More importantly than all that, he used to be my neighbor in Dublin.

Here is what we talk about

  • Creative heroes,
  • Stylistic expression,
  • Paint mediums,
  • The effects of celebrity,
  • Impostor syndrome,
  • Happiness,
  • Freemasonry,
  • PR advice for artists,
  • Being a multipotentialite,
  • Most moving picture,
  • Biggest artistic challenge,
  • Favorite artist of the Irish minister for the arts,
Steven Mannion the door

The Door by Steven Mannion


To find out more about Steven and his work


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