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Ep 35 - Mario Robinson : Painting The Lived Experience


The way American artist Mario Robinson treats the people he paints reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh. He highlights the nobility of ordinary people.  It’s as if he is saying, “Take a second look, take a third.  Can you see how remarkable these people are?” Mario has been named by The Artist’s Magazine, as one of the top 20 realist artists under the age of 40. He is also on my list of living masters working today.

Here is what we talk about

  • Why does art exist?
  • Creative heroes
  • Becoming an artist
  • Painting people
  • Creating the most moving painting
  • Having a fallback career
  • Biggest artistic challenge
  • Dealing with celebrity
  • Advice to young artists
  • The importance of getting into an art magazine
  • Art business
  • Working with watercolor
  • Being a brand ambassador
  • Mario’s book – Lessons in Realistic Watercolor
Mario Robinson Morning in Harvest

This is the picture Mario refers to in the podcast. It is of his mother and is called, “Morning in Harvest.”

To pre-order Mario’s book click here.

To find out more about Mario and his work

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