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Ep 29 - Stuart Fuchs : An invitation to play


In this episode I’m chatting with Stuart Fuchs, performing artist, multi-instrumentalist, music educator & workshop facilitator.  He specializes in Ukulele, Gypsy Jazz and Classical Guitar, Didjeridoo, and Percussion. He combines meditation and yoga into his approach to playing and teaching and he has some great insights into the creative process and the healing power of music.

Here is what we talk about

  • Why does music exist?
  • Music for healing
  • Biggest challenge to overcome as an artist
  • Why do we need to practice?
  • Music teaching and learning
  • Tips for finding a good music teacher
  • The transience of performance
  • Why is the ukulele enjoying such a resurgence in popularity?

Resources mentioned in our conversation –

Illusions by Richard Bach

Alive Inside

To find out more about Stuart and his work

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