Ep 27 – Ali Cavanaugh : Into the light – Part 2

John Dalton - gently does it . . .podcast
John Dalton – gently does it . . .
Ep 27 – Ali Cavanaugh : Into the light – Part 2


In part 2 of this podcast with American artist Ali Cavanaugh, she talks about surrendering to the creative process in art and life, parenthood, God, galleries, art factories, and a lot more.
Ali knows what she is talking about, so far in career she has achieved many of the things other artists aspire to.  Her paintings have been featured online in the Huffington Post, Fine Art Connoisseur, Juxtapoz among others, and in print magazines like, The New York Times Magazine, American Art Collector, and American Artist Watercolor.  Her paintings have also been used on book covers. She has painted portraits for TIME magazine and The New York Times. Her work is featured in more than 400 private and corporate collections throughout the America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
She is known for her remarkable watercolor paintings on clay, in a process she calls modern fresco painting.

Here is what we talk about in part one of this conversation

  • Aquaboard
  • Surrender
  • Parenthood
  • Skill and content
  • Art factories

To find out more about Ali and her work

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4 responses to “Ep 27 – Ali Cavanaugh : Into the light – Part 2”

  1. I just discovered this podcast. I live in a small town in Virginia and I am a Polish expat. I do not feel connected to any art community where I live. Thanks to this podcast I learned about so many good artists. I especially liked the interview with Ali, maybe because she is a mom like me and close to my age, but also because she is a great artist and a wonderful human.

    1. That’s great Paulina, I’m glad you are finding them useful.

  2. kathy clarke Avatar
    kathy clarke

    John Dalton! Hands down, you are the BEST interviewer I know of-you listen-you focus-and let the artists come forth in all their glory. Unusual high quality.
    Thank you-if I had $ I’d send you a box full. Instead, having none, I send a heap of gratitude and accolades.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Kathy, I really appreciate them.

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