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Ep 261 – Holiday Season Catch Up

John Dalton - gently does it .... podcast
Ep 261 – Holiday Season Catch Up

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A friendly catch up where we hear from Michael Facchinello from Altamira about the Pink Bison art prize.
Jennifer Dasal from her excellent art history podcast, “Art Curious,” answers your art history questions.
And Tania Rivilis drops by to catch up on all things NFT.

0:07:56 – Michael Facchinello from Altamira
0:20:00 – Jennifer Dasal answering your art questions
0:57:57 – NFT catch up with Tania Rivilis

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One response to “Ep 261 – Holiday Season Catch Up”

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for another great podcast. It would be great for a future update to get a expert on about how AI art is actually being made by these generative models such midjourney and stable diffusion. I feel a part of the whole controversy surrounding ai art comes from not really understanding how it really works. For example many people think the ai models are compositing art images from the internet, like someone might do ‘photo bashing’ in photoshop, which afaik is not actually how it works at all. Maybe someone like @Kaliyuga_ai on Twitter would be up for explaining how the process works so we can all be better informed.

    Happy Yuletide!

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