Ep 245 - John Dalton - gently does it . . . Art Prize - Catch Up

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A friendly catch up where I announce The John Dalton – gently does it . . . Art Prize!
I chat with Leonel da Costa about all things paint.
Michael Facchinello drops by to explain about Altamira.
And we finish up with Tania Rivilis and David Cheifetz giving us the latest on NFTs.

0:12:51 – The John Dalton – gently does it . . . Art Prize!
0:22:15 – Paint questions answered by Leonel da Costa, founder of Dartecor
1:12:00 – Michael Facchinello founder of Altamira
1:46:00 – Tania, David and I talk NFTs.

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Click here to enter The John Dalton – gently does it  . . . Art Prize

John Dalton - gently does it . . . Art Prize

Dartecor  – https://www.dartecor.com/

Art is creation – http://www.artiscreation.com/

Compilation NFT Episode – https://www.johndalton.me/podcast/ep-235-nfts-for-fine-artists-step-by-step/

Tania’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/tania_rivilis

David’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/davidcheifetz

My Twitter – https://twitter.com/john_dalton


This episode is brought to you by Altamira.

Altamira is a new online platform for selling your work.
What I like about Attamira is that it is very artist focused.
For example, they only charge 10% commission.

~ So if you sell a painting for $100 you get to keep $90.

Compared to the normal 50% traditional galleries take,
and the standard 35% online galleries take,
10% is brilliant.

Also, Altamira take care of shipping.
This is a huge deal.

~ So if you sell a painting for $1000 you get to keep $900 AND you don’t have to worry about shipping!

There is a lot more to Altamira, community curation through upvoting, direct engagement with your collectors and a lot more.

The last feature I want to tell you about is the referral program they have.
You make 1% of sales from any artists you refer.
And that 1% comes out of Altamira’s cut, not the artists.

~ So if you refer an artist and they sell a painting for $10,000, the artist gets $9,000 and you get $90.

So go and have a look for yourself and if you register please use this link because I, like you, want to avail of that sweet sweet 1% referral program.

Thanks for listening!

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