Ep 243 - Larry Madrigal Uncut

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Another Uncut Podcast. In this episode, I am chatting with artist, Larry Madrigal in Phoenix, Arizona.
Larry answers your questions on a variety of subjects.

To find out more about Larry and his work go to:

Larry’s Instagram

Larry Madrigal on the John Dalton - gently does it . . . podcast


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What I like about Attamira is that it is very artist focused.
For example, they only charge 10% commission.

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Compared to the normal 50% traditional galleries take,
and the standard 35% online galleries take,
10% is brilliant.

Also, Altamira take care of shipping.
This is a huge deal.

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There is a lot more to Altamira, community curation through upvoting, direct engagement with your collectors and a lot more.

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