Ep 241 - Connection Catch Up

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A friendly catch up where we hear from James Quirk about his podcast Temporary Admission.
We also hear from Gabriela Handal and her podcast / YouTube channel.
And we continue our step-by-step guide to the NFT world with help from Tania Rivilis and David Cheifetz.

07:00 – James Quirk talking about his podcastTemporaray Admission podcast
25:00 – Gabriela Handal talking about her podcast/YouTube channel –
34:00 – Tania, David and I talk NFTs.

Referenced in this Episode

My audiobook Maya NoiseMaya Noise by John Dalton

Dartecor  (Beutiful oil paints made in Poortugal) – https://www.dartecor.com/

Temporary Admission Art Podcast – https://linktr.ee/TemporaryAdmission

Gabriella Handal’s podcast / YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/GabrielaHandalArt
Gabriella’s Instagram – @gabrielahandal

Compilation NFT Episode – https://www.johndalton.me/podcast/ep-235-nfts-for-fine-artists-step-by-step/

Tania’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/tania_rivilis

David’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/davidcheifetz

My Twitter – https://twitter.com/john_dalton



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