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Ep 240 - June Stratton Uncut

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Another Uncut Podcast. In this episode, I am chatting with artist, June Stratton near Savannah, Georgia.
June answers your questions on a variety of subjects.

To find out more about June and her work go to:

June’s Instagram

June Stratton on John Dalton 's - gently does it . . . podcast

June’s Notes

This is the German gilding size I was describing to you.
– Kölner Instacoll
I buy from Golden Leaf products along with the gold leaf.

Panels – Ampersand gessoboard

My palette
Titanium white
Cremitz white
Blue black Windsor and Newton
Yellow ocher
Naples yellow
Transparent earth red Gamblin
Napthol red Gamblin
Alizarin crimson Williamsburg
Cadmium red
Vermilion Rembrandt
Chinese Vermilion Michael Harding
Ultramarine blue
Radiant Blue Gamblin
Yellow extra pale Williamsburg
Cadmium Yellow

The plaster I use
– “Tuf-Stone” the plaster I use has tiny (probably glass fibers in it) I buy it from The Compleat Sculptor
(Warning shipping can be as much as the product. It’s heavy)

For details I use:
Trekell protege script
Silver Renaissance sable cats tongue
For larger spaces I use:
Any good quality bristle filberts

A smooth, glossy paper that’s air, water, and grease resistant, glassine is used by artists.

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