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Ep 20 - Ashley Longshore : Global F**cking Domination


Ashley Longshore is changing the art world one painting at a time. Unapologetically anti gallery, Ashley sells directly to her high profile collectors, sometimes straight from her Instagram account.  Her prices start at around $30,000.  She is a wonderful mix of savvy business sense, artistic individuality and joy for life.  In this fast paced chat Ashley lays out her business approach.  She shares her undying encouragement for all artists to get rich. Her thinking is that a world full of rich artists will be a more beautiful world.

Here is what we talk about

  • The origins of art
  • Knowing your markets
  • Are the rich miserable?
  • Art Heroes
  • Starving artist myth
  • Tortured artist myth
  • How to be free
  • Is art school worth it?
  • Jamaica
  • New work

To find out more about Ashley and her work click here


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