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Ep 18 - Mr Barry Morgan : "Modern as Tomorrow,"


6482 World Exclusive! Direct from Barry Morgan’s World of Organs, an up close and personal chat with Mr Barry Morgan. Barry is a world famous organist and huge Australian Celebrity. His album, “The touch of you,” is a number one seller. He’s a regular on Australian TV and he’s helped many musical superstars find their feet, including Gotye.

Here is what we talk about in this episode

  • Style
  • Organ love
  • Staying with it, musically
  • Advice to young performers starting out
  • Franchising the world of organs
  • Helping Gotye out
  • Musical heroes
  • The Devil’s backpack
  • Selling tips
  • Male grooming tips
  • One finger methodist
  • How to deal with the blues?
  • How to release our inner Barry?
  • Performance art

To find out more about Barry and his work click here.


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