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Ep 16 - James O'Callaghan : Following your inner voice


I had a great conversation with James O’Callaghan, high performance director for the Irish sailing team and four time Olympic coaching veteran. As well as the inside perspective on competitive sailing James also talks about his move to Spain for a year ago with his wife and two small daughters. He has some tips for amateur athletes and when pushed, gives his approach to coaching the Irish economy back to health.  I had a great time chatting with James and I think you will enjoy listening.

Here is what we talk about in this episode

  • Economics graduate to national sailing coach
  • Psychological training
  • Physical training
  • Diet
  • Training tips
  • Low carb diet
  • Defining qualities of a champion
  • Ocean pollution
  • Moving to Spain
  • Economics
  • Coaching the Irish economy

The Fat Emperor article
The ocean is broken
Sacred economics


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Music by The Argyle Pimps. Thanks lads.