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Ep 15 - Mike Boxhall : Part 2 - Getting to the source consciously


Part 2 of a great conversation I had with craniosacral therapy legend Mike Boxhall. At 85 he still teaches all over the world and has the work schedule of a man half his age. In this wide ranging conversation we talk about everything from the root causes of disease, to epigenetics, to Hillary Clinton. It is such a pleasure to talk with someone who has distilled so much experience into such gentle wisdom.  Enjoy.

It was a long conversation so I have split it up into two parts, this is the second part. The first part is here.
Here is what we talk about in this episode

  • Creating a space
  • Trust
  • Solutions Masculine and Feminine
  • Trainings
  • Art
  • The empty chair

To find out more about Mike and his work click here.
To find out more about Open Source Cranio click here.


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