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Ep 136 – Pamela Wilson Uncut

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Ep 136 – Pamela Wilson Uncut

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This is the first of the Uncut, or pandemic podcasts as I’ve started calling them. In this episode artist, Pamela Wilson answers your questions on a variety of subjects.

To find out more about Pamela and her work go to: 

Ep 76 – Pamela Wilson : Heartfelt Rule-Breaking


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2 responses to “Ep 136 – Pamela Wilson Uncut”

  1. Hi John, I am new to your podcast and a painter. I enjoy hearing from these painters. The conversations are informative yet candid and connected me to the pantheon of modern day creators in a delightfully nuanced way. I was especially touched by this interview with Pamela. It was refreshing to hear the raw emotions and evolution of her practice. I related to her painters block experience and it was personally very healing to hear from some one else who has had this experience. She is some one I highly admire as a painter and you have also introduced me to some new favorites. Thanks for helping me out of my own form of painters block , I will happily buy you a cup of tea for this outstanding content!

    1. That’s great thank you Megan.

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