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Show Notes
Including Bo Bartlett, Daniel Maidman, Adrienne Stein, Michael Shane Neal, and Sergio Gomez, this episode is packed full of juicy arty goodness.

Here are the highlights:

  • Time
  • 0:00:00 ~ Annual National Juried Exhibition
  • 0:11:20 ~ Tips on competitions
  • 0:21:22 ~ Michael Shane Neal
  • 0:58:25 ~ Daniel Maidman
  • 1:13:20 ~ Bo Bartlett
  • 2:10:00 ~ Adrienne Stein
  • 2:40:00 ~ Sergio Gomez
  • 3:10:00 ~ ArtNet Article
  • 3:23:00 ~ Reading – Work in progress

Referenced in the podcast . . .

Annual National Juried Exhibition 2019 Link

Video of awards announcement at Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art

Framed by ONeil Scott

Best in Show ~ Framed by O’Neil Scott @oneilscott


Division Dan Volenec

Award of Excellence ~ Division by Dan Volenec @danvolenec


Anniversary Portraits Ellen Star Lyon

Honorable Mention ~ Anniversary Portraits by Ellen Starr Lyon @ellenstarrlyon


The Covenant Chelsie Murfee

Honorable Mention ~ The Covenant by Chelsie Murfee @chelsillustrates


Yeti Warhol Steven Labadessa.

Honorable Mention ~ Yeti Warhol by Steven Labadessa @labadessasteven


Me Mathew Durante.

Honorable Mention ~ Me by Mathew Durante @matthewalfonsodurante


Resurrection JuliAnne Jonker

Honorable MEntion ~ Resurrection by JuliAnne Jonker @julianne_jonkerfineart


Still a Negro“ by artist Madelyn Sneed Grays

Honorable Mention ~ Still a Negro by Madelyn Sneed Grays @artworkbymadelyn


No 311 Kurt Kreissl

No 311,“ by artist Kurt Kreissl @kurtkreissl


Furling Megan Read

Honorable Mention ~ Furling by artist Megan Read


For You In Silence Mary Chiaramonte

Honorable Mention ~ For You In Silence by artist Mary Chiaramonte @mary.chiaramonte

Michael Shane Neal

Michael Shane Neal ~ Portrait Painting: My Point of View

Michael Shane Neal ~ Portrait Painting: My Point of View

Daniel Maidman

Daniel Maidman ~ Theseus: Vincent Desiderio on Art

Daniel Maidman ~ Enhanced Life Drawing

Daniel Maidman ~ Live drawing demonstration and 2-day pre-convention life drawing workshop.

Bo Bartlett

Bo Bartlett ArtHaus Radio

Bo Bartlett’s ArtHaus Radio

Bo Bartlett’s film ~ Helga

Bo Bartlett’s film ~ Lobster Dinner

Bo Bartlett’s film ~ See

Adreinne Stein

Adrienne Stein The Garden Book

Adrienne Stein’s Book ~ The Garden

Sergio Gomez


Sergio Gomez’s video about collectors.

Sergio’s art business mentorship program

ArtNet News article ~ How Does an Artist Get a Gallery, Anyway? Here Are 11 Practical Steps That Could Lead to Bona Fide Representation.

John Dalton The Gentle Snap Book

My book The Gentle Snap.

Chapter one and two at 1 hour 56 minutes in Inbetweenisode Four

Ep 124 : Inbetweenisode Four

John Dalton Books

All my books . . .

Other artists mentioned in this episode who have been on the podcast . . .

Ep 47 – Michael Shane Neal : Painting the essence

Ep 61- Daniel Maidman : Honesty And Hope

Ep 69 – Bo Bartlett : Working With The Breath Of Life

Ep 81 – Adrienne Stein: Enthusiasm and Grace

Cover image is of The Red Ball Project by artist Kurt Perschke.

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