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Ep 127 - Charlotte Sorapure and Saied Dai : Painting Love and Poetry

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Gentle, considered, and earnest, Charlotte Sorapure and Saied Dai are married artists quietly creating master paintings in Bath, in the UK. They were a delight to talk with. Charlotte paints atmospheric paintings with subtle mysterious narratives. Saied paints portraits of people, places and things. His paintings bore through the surface to convey glimpses of the soul beneath. Both Charlotte and Saied have won numerous awards and scholarships and have exhibited widely in group, solo, and joint exhibitions.

Here are some of the subjects we visit:

  • Studios,
  • Painting inceptions,
  • Initial drawings,
  • Working from life,
  • Photographic reference,
  • Ateliers,
  • Finding your voice,
  • Vision,
  • Portraits,
  • Philosophy,
  • Youtube,
  • Substrates,
  • Color palette,
  • Vermeer,
  • Tim’s Vermeer,
  • Abstraction,
  • Self-discovery,
  • Fashionably unfinished paintings,
  • Paint Mediums,
  • Brushes and palette knives,
  • Self-checking,
  • Lighting,
  • Deviating from verisimilitude,
  • Composition,
  • Mystery,
  • Teaching,
  • Trends and fashion,
  • Social media,
  • Modern communication,
  • Art business,
  • Prices,
  • Collectors,
  • Most moving paintings to make,
  • Artistic challenges,
  • Big art dreams,
  • Future generations,

To find out more about Charlotte and her work go to:

To find out more about Saied and his work go to:

Charlotte Sorapure and Saied Dai

Most moving painting to make . . .

Don McCullin by Charlotte Sorapure

Don McCullin by Charlotte Sorapure


Soliloquy by Charlotte Sorapure

Soliloquy by Charlotte Sorapure


In Memory by Saied Dai

In Memory by Saied Dai


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