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In this episode, I am talking with artist Carie Pearce in Peoria, Illinois. Carrie paints richly narrative portraits of imaginary children which are technically brilliant and very impressive in person. I know this because I saw some of Carrie’s paintings at the Bennett prize in Muskegon where she was one of the ten finalists.

Here are some of the subjects we visit:

  • Bennett Prize,
  • Solo Show,
  • Deer,
  • Influences,
  • Ralph Steadman,
  • Origins of paintings,
  • Reference material,
  • Substrates,
  • Aluminum panels (scroll down for links),
  • Grisailles,
  • Color palette,
  • Mediums,
  • Brushes,
  • Lighting,
  • Feedback,
  • Antique stories,
  • Old photographs,
  • Stream of consciousness,
  • Children,
  • Poetry,
  • Dreams,
  • Underlying themes,
  • Patreon,
  • Favorite podcast episodes,
  • Location,
  • Smartphones and the internet,
  • Art business,
  • Prices,
  • Most moving painting,
  • Upcoming solo show,
  • Big art dreams,
  • Artistic challenges,
  • Future generations,

To find out more about Carrie and her work go to:

Carrie Pearce - art podcast

Most moving painting to make . . .

Pinkie Master by Carrie Pearce

Pinkie Master by Carrie Pearce


Referenced in the podcast . . .

Ralph Steadman Documentary with Johnny Depp

The aluminum panels I mention are made by Dibond, not Durabond.
Here is an article about painting on Dibond.
Here is a link to Mary Jane Ansell talking about painting on aluminum panels in her episode of the podcast
Mia Bergeron talks about them in her episode also
George O’Hanlon form Natural Pigments answers a question about aluminum panels here
And David Kasan talks about them on his episode.

Stephen Bauman’s Patreon page

Bo Bartlett’s Art Haus Radio show

Aleister Crowley tarot deck – not all the cards but enough to give you an idea of what they are like. The cards were painted by Lady Frieda Harris

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