Maryam Gohar

Ep 122 – Maryam Gohar : Sensual Strength

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Ep 122 – Maryam Gohar : Sensual Strength

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Maryam Gohar is an artist living and working in Iran. She paints complex figurative paintings that are laden with personal meaning, depth and sensuality. Her work is seductively confronting, placing vulnerability and innocence against a backdrop of Shunga – the Japanese erotic art form. Maryam is collected internationally and has participated in a number of significant shows in the US.

Here are some of the subjects we visit:

  • Inspirations,
  • Illustration,
  • Animation,
  • Reference,
  • Substrates,
  • Mediums,
  • Art materials in Iran,
  • Philosophy,
  • Size,
  • Murals & Miniatures,
  • Shunga,
  • Rebecca Leveille,
  • Erotic art,
  • Iranian art scene,
  • Art business,
  • Prices,
  • Patreon,
  • Collectors,
  • Underlying themes,
  • Big art dreams,
  • Artistic challenges,
  • Future generations,

To find out more about Maryam and her work go to:

Referenced in the podcast . . .

Melvin Bragg interview with Francis Bacon. The part I referred to starts at around 28:28.

My book Maya Noise.

Most moving paintings to make . . .

Maryam Gohar

Maryam Gohar

Maryam Gohar

Other artists mentioned in this episode who have been on the podcast . . .

Ep 110 – Rebecca Leveille : Persistence of Vision

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