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Ep 121 - Iva Troj : Breaking things in the right places

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With Gypsy roots and a communist art training, Iva Troj combines a glorious mix of cultures and influences. She was born in Bulgaria, lived in Sweden for 25 years, and is now based in the UK. She paints richly detailed figurative paintings that are layered with complex narratives. In 2016, she was named Contemporary Art Excellence Artist of the Year. Her work is shown and collected internationally.  We had a great conversation and covered a lot of ground.

Here are some of the subjects we visit:

  • Inspirations,
  • Light sources,
  • References,
  • Photoshop,
  • Substrates,
  • Colour palette,
  • Mediums,
  • Brushes,
  • Criticism,
  • The illusion of detail,
  • Pace of work,
  • Renewal,
  • Working in series,
  • Underlying themes,
  • Art business,
  • Galleries,
  • Prices,
  • Collectors,
  • Most moving painting to make,
  • Legacy,
  • The male gaze,

To find out more about Iva and her work go to:

Iva Troj podcast

Referenced in the podcast . . .

“Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology” by Rozsika Parker and Griselda Pollock

Most moving painting to make . . .

Iva Troj Bride Series Hyena

Bride Series Hyena | Iva Troj

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