Ep 111 : Inbetweenisode One

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Ep 111 : Inbetweenisode One

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Including Ashley Longshore, Stephen Bauman, David Cheifetz and David Hummer of the Wausau Museum of contemporary art, this episode is packed full of juicey arty goodness.
Show Notes

Here are the highlights:

  • Art News,
  • FACE ,
  • Teresa Oaxaca,
  • Stephen Bauman,
  • Patricia Watwood,
  • Vincent Desiderio,
  • Ashley Longshore,
  • CJ Hendry, Include Ted Talks
  • Painting The Figure Now ,
  • David Hummer,
  • Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art,
  • ANJE – Annual Juried Exhibition,
  • Damien Hirst,
  • Patreon,
  • Ask an Expert,
  • David Cheifetz,
  • Still life lighting,
  • John Seed article,
  • Robert de Niro Sr.,

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Referenced in the podcast . . .

FACE – Figurative Art Convention & Expo

Teresa Oaxaca’s
Website – http://teresaoaxaca.com/
and Instagram account @teresaoaxaca

Stephen Bauman’s summer workshop with the Florence Academy of Art
and his October workshop with sculptor Eudald De Juana Gorriz

Patricia Watwoods 5 day Portrait Workshop.

Australian artist CJ Hendry I mentioned to Ashley Longshore

Painting The Figure Now 2018
Book – http://www.blurb.com/b/8796667-painting-the-figure-now
PDF – https://www.poetsandartists.com/magazines/painting-the-figure-now-issue-95

Patreon invite link from my Patreon account.
If my five invite have been used up here are some other artists I know on Patreon.
Stephen Bauman
Didi Memendez of Poets Artists
Claudia Kaak
Anna Wypych
Jesse Brass
Daire Lynch

David Cheifetz’ book and teaching videos

John Seed’s article

Other artists mentioned in this episode who have been on the podcast . . .

Ep 97 – Nick Alm : An Openness to Change

Ep 101 – Cesar Santos : Technique and Process

Ep 49 – Cesar Santos : Courage And Creative Freedom

Ep 65 – Teresa Oaxaca : Sumptuous Excellence

Ep 31- David Kassan – Part 1 : Presence In Absence

Ep 45 – Stephen Bauman : Finding Yourself As An Artist

Ep 42 – Ashley Longshore : Christmas Special

Ep 20 – Ashley Longshore : Global F**cking Domination

Ep 102 – Painting The Figure Now with David Hummer and Walt Morton

Ep 76 – Pamela Wilson : Heartfelt Rule-Breaking

Ep 103 – Susannah Martin : Wild Humility

Ep 61- Daniel Maidman : Honesty And Hope

Ep 70 – Jacob Dhein : Knowing When To Let Go

Ep 31- David Kassan – Part 1 : Presence In Absence


Cover image is of The Red Ball Project by artist Kurt Perschke.

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6 responses to “Ep 111 : Inbetweenisode One”

  1. I think on the end piece about the article, I think it should be a highlighted reading of the article and have the listener click to read the full article. This is a great new feature in the Podcast which I am happy to hear.

    1. John Dalton Avatar
      John Dalton

      Thanks Didi.

  2. I love the full-circleness of it. We hear how things went, how things are going, what is happening next. My fav bit is the fact that “work” is seen in that there wasn’t an interview and they’re made. There is constant work involved, exhibiting, teaching, learning… Slogging and accepting new things to keep busy doing what one loves- creating. I could probably say more but now to the negatives…..
    I live in a small town and I’m listening to stuff about art all over the world -winning… there is no negative.

    1. John Dalton Avatar
      John Dalton

      Thanks Rachel.

  3. This episode was super enjoyable, and I would love to hear more like it! It was a refreshing break from the usual interview style podcasts. I might just have to listen to it again…

    1. Thanks Heather. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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