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Ep 106 : Visions of Venus - Venus' Visions | Part 2

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With nine artists across six time zones this episode is a great snapshot of the global village that is the figurative art community. Back in August of 2017 Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt was on the podcast talking about an open call for an exhibition she was curating called, “Visions of Venus / Venus’ Visions.”
Now the submissions are all in, the decisions have been made and the show will open on April the 20th the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. Dr Elaine is back for this episode to talk about how the curation process went for her and to talk to a cross section of some of the artists who have been accepted for the show.

Here are the artists we talk to:

To get a copy of the Visons of Venus | Poets Artists Magazine go to:


Venus In The Garden of Eden by Debra Livingston | Photo Media on Canvas | 36″ x 55″


It Ain’t a Crime to Shine by Sarah Stieber | Acrylic on Canvas | 36″ x 42″


Sleeping Venus by Tina Spratt | Oil on Canvas | 34″ x 28″


The Twins by Erin Anderson | Oil on Copper | 24″ x 12″


Venus Aurea (Golden Venus) by Julyan Davis | Oil, Clay Assemblage | 37″ x 16″ x 6″


Venus Clothed in Flowers by Julie Bell | Oil on Wood | 36″ x 18″


Visions of Venus by Joe Nicastri | Archival Digital Print | 36″ x 36″


Monsieur Venus by Suzanne Anan | Oil on Canvas | 60″ x 40″


The Anadyomene by Jason E. McPhillips | Oil on Panel | 35″ x 25″

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