Not-for-profit advocate, co-founder of The Post Growth Institute, afilliate professor of social science at Southern Oregon University, former exercise physiologist, social justice advocate, and author, Donnie Maclurcan makes Jason Bourne look like a bit of a slacker.
This a great conversation. Donnie is passionate about the possibilities for change in the global economy and is well used to explaining the complexities of economics in simple easy to understand ways. He outlines the current situation concisely and lays out alternatives that are exciting and optimistic.

Here is what we talk about

  • What’s wrong with growth?
  • Why is the myth of growth so entrenched?
  • Solutions
  • Popular not for profit companies
  • The future of the stock market
  • The future of pension plans
  • The gift economy
  • Spiritual dimension
  • Should we consume less?
  • Climate change
  • Irish economy
  • Scarcity
  • Practical steps
  • Financial crisis
  • Wholesome food

To find out more about Donnie and his work
donnie {at} postgrowth {dot} org




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