This page is a companion to my, ‘About,’ page. It gives you a snapshot of what I’m doing and working on everyday, every week, every month and every so often.

Everyday . . .

I draw.

I paint.

I walk our dogs Kirk and Scotty.

I work on my podcast.

I provide concierge services for our two Cats.

I eat plants.

I live in paradise. [County Kerry in Ireland.]

I am grateful, particularly for my health, my wife, Mege, and my daughter, Yasmin.

I meditate.

Every week . . .

I lift weights two or three times. (Come on, they’re heavy!)

I play the ukulele and sing silly songs.

I research a podcast.

I record a podcast.

I edit a podcast.

I play golf.

Every so often . . .

I write books and articles.

I make videos.

I play the piano accordion.

Last updated May 30th 2017


Inspired by Derek Sivers /now page project.