John Dalton2015My biggest work of art, and ongoing project, is my life. I’ve refined it over the years leaving behind what doesn’t reflect my nature and moving towards what does.  So I paint.

I paint people as I see and sense them. My paintings are representational with an added dimension, an augmented view of reality where I attempt to represent the unseen.

I lean towards the old masters in my approach because as Ron English tells me, “You don’t want to build your painting practice around your limitations.” I aim for excellence in the craft of painting because it offers the promise of freedom to represent in two dimensions the multitude of dimensions I know and feel. So I practice, and I learn, and I lean into the craft, and I make a little progress.

I podcast to highlight the greats among us, the craftsmen and women who labor at the coal face of the easel. I podcast to connect, to learn, to make friends, to gather my tribe.

Like most people my age I’ve had many lives within the one.  I’ve loved deeply, cried hard, lost what was most precious to me and been given the greatest of gifts.

I got the cosmic joke from an early age but for most of my life I’ve been saddened by how few people are laughing.

At other times in my life, I’ve been a therapist, a carpenter, a scriptwriter, a trainer, a cameraman, a TV presenter, a driver, a factory worker, a photographer, a laborer.

My spiritual life took the form of channeled extraterrestrial guidance in my teens, which led to personal development trainings in the 80’s and 90’s and then to more serious spiritual enquiry in the mid 90’s and ultimately to a 10-year association with Barry Long.

I pretty much did the classic story of looking for enlightenment, finding a master, kneeling at his feet, then seeing through the façade and finding my own way.

I am Irish originally but after 10 years of living in Australia I became an Australian citizen too.  I am happily married to my darling wife Mege and we are back in Ireland now, living in the beautiful county Kerry with our three cats and two dogs.  I have one adult daughter.

As the Tao te Ching says, “Without the pretense of certainty it is easy to be compassionate.
So I’m comfortable with uncertainty, or as comfortable as you can get. I stumble along the crooked track of my life with a crooked smile listening to the wisdom in the crooked song of the greats, Dino and Bamford, “I don’t know what I’m doing – almost half of the time.

John Dalton

. . . with my dogs Kirk and Scotty

Here’s what I’m doing right now . . .

Here I am being interviewed on Youngman Brown’s podcast.